Panorama City Street Repair Blitz – Today is the Last Day to Submit Locations!


On August 19, the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) will be arriving in Panorama City to perform small asphalt repairs (SAR) as part of the Bureau’s Neighborhood Council Initiative, also known as Operation Neighborhood Council Blitz (NC Blitz).

This is your opportunity to be the Bureau’s eyes and ears, or as we like to say, a BSS Honorary Inspector.

On August 20th, 2013, an SAR truck is scheduled to be in the Panorama City Neighborhood Council area to perform minor repairs to the roadway, curbs, and sidewalks, weather permitting. As Honorary Inspectors, you are encouraged to use this map of Panorama City ( to determine repair locations. Please focus on small asphalt repairs, such as potholes, eroded areas, and sidewalk repairs.

Please complete this form ( and forward it to or fax to (213) 250-8813, Attn: Aida Valencia, no later than August 5th, 2013. Providing your list by the date requested allows BSS staff time to inspect the desired streets and determine the need for repairs and feasibility of completing the work on the scheduled date.

Your participation will ensure not only success of the program; it will provide an opportunity to improve your neighborhood in a partnership with the Bureau of Street Services.

This will be the first of two NC blitz scheduled for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

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  1. Magdalena Solis

    Tobias ave. street from Northoff all the way to chase

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