Mission Area Crime Alert

CRIME ALERT ~ protect your house from burglary. Lock doors + windows. Look where burglaries occurred last week in Mission Area.

Of the 18 reported burglaries last week, HALF occurred at private residences where the occupants left doors or windows UNLOCKED!

The best way to deter a burglar is LOCK your doors and windows. Other strategies include installing ALARMS, starting a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, being a good WITNESS, keeping an eye out for strangers going door to door, especially during daytime hours when most people are at work.

Of the 18 burglaries, 3 occurred at businesses and 15 at residences. The biggest cluster of burglaries occurred in Panorama City. None of the burglaries this week appeared to be related to serial criminals.

Last year at this time, the so-called Knock-knock Burglar series began in the San Fernando Valley. The Mission Area saw a sharp increase in burglaries as a result the series. Dozens of suspects have been arrested for those crimes after a year-long investigation.

Burglaries dropped by 7 this month from the prior month’s 58, and burglaries remain down nearly 17% year to date, which amounts to 118 fewer burglaries compared to last year.


  • Remove objects like ladders or chairs from yards. Crooks can use these objects to climb into windows
  • Keep drapes closed during Holiday Season so crooks don’t see presents under tree when you are not home
  • If you own a business with plate windows, leave your cash register till OPEN and EMPTY so crooks can see there is no money inside. They may go somewhere else
  • For entry doors with windows, install deadbolt locks that are keyed from both sides of the door
  • Install alarm systems and post signs announcing the alarm’s presence
  • Install timers on lamps that can turn on lights periodically, especially when you are away
  • Install motion-sensor lights around perimeter of the home
  • Store items like bicycles and large toys in the garage. Items left out, visible from the street, can entice a crook onto the property.

prepared by:
Lt. Paul Vernon

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