Naleo Parent Workshop Collaboration with NVCS

The meeting will be held at the North Valley Caring Services center on Thursday January 26 from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

15453 Rayen Street, North Hills, CA 91343

North Valley Caring Services (NVCS), a non-profit organization working in the densely populated area of North Hills, focuses its services on meeting the needs of the low-income residents, the majority of which are Spanish-speaking, in the surrounding community. A hub of programs and services, NVCS works closely with individuals and families to help them gain the necessary skills and provide resources that better their lives. As individuals and families achieve, grow and succeed, we’ve watched the positive change flow across the community of the Langdon-Orion Street neighborhood. One person and one family at a time, NVCS is making a difference. Please donate now and partner with us in this important endeavor.

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