Commerce Committee Updates

Hello and Happy New Year from the PCNC Commerce Committee.

This year the Commerce Committee had many accomplishments and among them we were able to recognize multiple businesses and create a closer and more united business community.

In May 2010 we recognized Chase Bank for maintaining their area clean and organize and for helping us keep the corner of Van Nuys and Chase clean and presentable to our residents.

In August 2010 we recognized IHOP of Panorama City for serving our community for more than 50 years, IHOP of Panorama City is also the oldest IHOP in the world.

In September of 2010 the Panorama City Neighborhood Council held the “Back to School” event in which multiple companies participated and help us provide the youth of Panorama City with more than 300 free back packs and school utensils.

In October 2010 we recognized Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Barbeque Place for outstanding service and for being one of the best restaurants in Panorama City, they have also been recognize in the past at State level and National level.

In December 2010 we recognized RR Optical for outstanding service to the Panorama City community for more than 20 years.

We recognized Mr. Donald Lovett from the Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) Team, for his outstanding work in serving the Panorama City Community.

We recognized those business that participated in our “Back to School Event” in September, those business were as follow:

Helena’s Hair Salon, Target, Western Beauty Academy, Walgreens, La Sierra Records, Aztlan Internet Café, Herbal Life, and others.

We also recognized those businesses that supported all year long the Panorama City Neighborhood Council and the Commerce Committee, those business were as follow:

Jeans Lock Smith, Panorama Mall, Plaza Del Valle, Wells Fargo Bank, Dominos Pizza (Panorama Mall), and the Valley Indoor Swap Meet.

During this year we were able to bring multiple new business to Panorama City – among them Denny’s and T-Mobile. We attended their grand openings and welcomed them to our community.

We look forward to the New Year as US Bank will move in and many other business as well.

Happy New Year, Panorama City.

Saul Mejia
Panorama City Neighborhood Council
Board Member and Chairman of Commerce

For more information about the Commerce Committee please contact
Saul Mejia


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  1. Jose Moreno


    my name is mitchell and i more of a question me as a basketball player goes and plays basketball at supulveda recreation center local park lately the recreation staff has been renting out the basketball gym for basketball games but heres the problem the people that have been renting out the gym arent even from panorama city their from northridge,thousand oaks and other cities my questions is this right i thow the gym was ment for the community of panorama and weve been having to play outside weres theirs drugs,alcohol and gangs hanging out and violance. i just want to play inside the gym were we all can feel safer but the staff keep renting out the gym to other people that are not even residens here in panorama city is their anything u guys can do

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