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Panorama City Neighborhood Council

Election Day

Posted on 03/26/19

Panorama City Neighborhood Council

Meet the candidates!

Takes place in the community room.

You do not need to be a citizen to vote. Please be aware that in order to vote, you will need to bring proof of your stakeholder status to this election. Please also note that at Neighborhood Council elections, voters always fill out a short registration form at the polls before casting their ballots. You are not pre-registered to vote even if you are already registered to vote in national elections - or even if you’ve voted in a Neighborhood Council election previously.

What to bring with you on Election Day: documentation proving: 1) who you are; 2) that you’re of voting age for this election (which is 18); and 3) that you are eligible to vote for each seat that represents you as a stakeholder.

If you live within the Neighborhood Council boundaries, a photo ID with your birthdate and a local address on it will be all you need to qualify to vote in this election. If you are not a local resident, or don’t have an ID with these features, many other types of documents are accepted as proof of stakeholder status. See a list of examples here:

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019 
Time: 2 PM – 8 PM
Location: Plaza Del Valle
8610 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, California 91402

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