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If you know of any seniors and health care workers who need a COVID-19 vaccine, have them give our office a call so we can sign them up. CLICK HERE- covid resources - vaccination for food and agricultural workers, self-attestation (english), self-attestation (spanish)
Panorama City NC

Health and Public Safety

Useful Phone Numbers
Flooded Streets: LA Sanitation, (800)-773-2489
Downed Power Lines: LADWP, (800)-342-5397, or 911
Clogged City Sewer Lines: LA Sanitation, (800)-772-2489
Emergency Updates: Emergency Management, (213)-484-4800
Sandbags: Fire Department, (213)-978-3800
Post-Rain Mosquitos: Vector Control District, (562)-944-9656
Los Angeles County Hotline (24 HOUR): (800) 978-3600
National Domestic Violence Hotline (24 HOUR): (800) 799-7233
LA County Child Abuse Hotline: (800) 540-4000
Elder Abuse Reporting Hotline: (877) 477-3646
For other inquiries call 311
Dispose of hazardous waste such as pesticides, cleaners, batters, electronic waste, motor oil, paints, and antifreeze at a SAFE Center.

Mission City Community Network Panorama City

A health clinic for families and people who have a lower income or do not have Insurance.

Center for Family Health and Education

CFHE provides affordable and comprehensive medical care for underserved, uninsured, and underinsured residents of the greater Panorama City area. CFHE has been providing primary health care, mental health care, dental care, and women’s and children health care, as well as transportation services for patients since 2009. In addition to medical treatment, CFHE works with community organizations to provide health education programs in the community, like smoking cessation and workshops to minimize the impacts of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems.

LAPD Mission

The LAPD depends on you, the residents of LA, to help fight crime in your neighborhood. Partner with us to make our communities safer places to live, to work and to play. Please call 877-ASK-LAPD to make reports of illegal fireworks usage. Helpful information needed is the addresses of where the fireworks are being launched from. You can also sign up for their Civilian Police Academy.

Southern California Disaster Preparedness Foundation

promotes and support disaster awareness, education, and preparedness via community events, public forums, focused programs, and targeted outreach.

American Red Cross Southern California Disaster Preparedness

"Prepare LA is the campaign to help Los Angeles be better prepared for, safer

during and more resilient after emergencies and disasters. By providing tips, tools, and training, and fostering community partnerships that promote education and resiliency, the Prepare LA campaign enables Los Angeles to be better prepared for any type of emergency or disaster—big or small."

Dog Walker Watch

"According to the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA, there are over seventy five million dog owners across the nation. That’s dozens, if not hundreds, of neighbors walking their dog throughout the community at all times of the day, all days of the week, in all weather conditions, who are often preoccupied with texting, chatting, emailing and listening to music. Dog Walker Watch encourages these neighbors to assist local law enforcement as extra eyes and ears while out walking their dog."

Selah Freedom

A national organization with the mission to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited through four strong programs: Awareness, Prevention, Outreach and Residential.

Public Safety Committee

A place to voice concerns and come up with solutions about health and safety in the community.


ONEgeneration is committed to providing programs and services to seniors and their caregivers that help keep them safe and protected. We provide services that enable seniors to age with family, in community or independently. We promote physical health and mental well-being, provide socialization, nutrition and access to food and resources. This is all towards the goal of keeping seniors from the tipping point of decline and avoiding or delaying preventable hospitalizations and premature loss of independence.

Free Substance Abuse Treatment

Mental Health

Mental health services provided include assessments, case management, crisis intervention, medication support, peer support, psychotherapy and other rehabilitative services.


Bienestar is a community-based social services organization focused on identifying and addressing emerging health issues faced by the Latino and LGBTQ populations. Bienestar's education and support programs encompass areas such as: HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, STIs, mental health services, substance use and harm reduction. All of our services are offered to the community for free.

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